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What are the experts saying? "This book is about courage; courage to take on leadership positions in education; to lead with morals, values, and ethics as.
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This event includes months of preparation with the goal to raise enough money to support the budget for the following year. Committees are created in the following areas: Ticket creation with the goal to sell tickets within the community.

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Publicly with flyers and posters that will be handed out to local businesses. Reserving a live auctioneer, photo booth, and DJ. Working to find donations of food for the event. Create and find donors to support a silent auction and live auction that include desserts and sport memorabilia. Scripting a formal donation letter with signatures from every member of the leaders program and thank you cards to those who support the event.

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Sub committees are formed for the decoration aspect to the dinner dance. Students work on a theme representing school colors and our mascot. They divide and conquer to create a warming environment to all those who attend the dinner dance. The event serves individuals who wish to stay for the full dinner and dancing or they can choose to take the meal home for the night. Decorating the School : Students work on various spirit events throughout the year.

One way to showcase this spirit is by decorating the front of the school. Students must plan, fill out a purchase order, buy supplies, and schedule the time frame to decorate the front of the school on their designated day. Students must work on time management, conflict resolution skills, and be safe while completing this activity. This event and its details are TBA at a later time.

E Elections: Elections occur in two capacities. In the fall, students vote as a school for their homecoming court. Five males seniors and five female seniors represent the voice of the entire school. Students fill out scantrons that are scripted and developed by the Activities Director. With the help of the staff and administration, ballots are kept secure so that the integrity of the process is preserved.

Elections also occur in the spring semester when students run for elected position in the leadership program. Students must prepare an application and speech asking for the vote of the student body. ASB whole school elections occur and also Class elections occur class voting based to elect officers for the future year.

The process of secure scantron data collection is the same. Evaluations : Students that hold a position in the leadership class go through a quarterly evaluation on their fulfillment of their job title. Various items apply to this evaluation including: behavior in the classroom, perspective on events and issues that arise, academic excellence in the class, and professionalism.

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Students are also evaluated by the ASB President quarterly based on completion of job and respectful behavior toward peers and adults. Students meet with the Activities Director and the ASB President in a private meeting discussing the evaluations and listening to constructive criticism in order to get better in the job they hold.

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Every 15 Minutes : Every two years the administration, activities director, and local police department work with the city and county to present Every 15 Minutes. Students participate and experience the role play of what would happen if students drank alcohol and got behind the wheel. The simulation of the full event is emotionally draining and very real.

Students and staff participate to show what would happen if death occurs due to the idiocy of drinking and driving. A powerful event that is so very important for the student body to experience. F Fundraising : Students within the leadership program must work yearly to raise money to support their budget. While the budget is completed by the AD to forecast what is necessary for the future year, it is up to the students to complete the tasks. Paperwork must be completed in various different formats that cover facilities, board policies, donations, preparation of food and auction items, etc.

Some fundraisers are quick and easy like homecoming spirit tshirts, while others like the dinner dance can take six months to plan. Students learn the value of raising money and spending it wisely.

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Floats : Each year during homecoming, class officers are responsible for the creativity and building of a homecoming themed float that will be placed in the high school parade on homecoming day. Students spend a couple months working on the theme and idea behind their class float based on the overall theme of homecoming each year. They ask permission of community members to use their property to building the float until it makes its way to the high school on parade day. Much time, money, and effort go into making these floats amazing.

The floats are shared with the community in the parade and in the evening as they are on display for the fans of Friday night football at RHS. Fitness Friday : Each March we have a dodgeball spirit week that aligns itself with march madness and the craze behind sports in our society. Facebook Page : The Activities Director maintains a Facebook page for the entire student body and parents.

Various announcements, key dates, and pictures are uploaded to keep the community aware of the fun activities held at RHS.

This avenue is a form of marketing for our school to showcase the amazing things our students are doing each and every day. G Graduation : Each year the senior class officer team works throughout the entire year planning for graduation. These various steps include diplomas, name checks, order items for graduation, name readers, musicians, photography, tickets, board members, administration, parents and much more.

This event must run smoothly as it is a celebration for our students and community together. Good Guy Award : The good guy award is given to students in May each year based on the election of students who are kind. Much of the student body, staff and community participate in this event. We have a homecoming court, speeches, skits, rallies, a dance, floats and a parade. It is a time where two-three months of planning come together to showcase spirit for our school and our football team.

The student body each year decides the overall theme while each class takes a sub theme to work on decorations, floats, and skits. It is a fun time where spirit is high and participation is grand. Our town was founded and settled with the influence of the Native Americans. A town that honors its history and traditions.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Instagram : Follow the activities and announcements of RHS. Our page is asbofriponhighschool. The goal is to encourage students of RHS to get involved in all the activities, clubs, and events that occur within the year on our campus. The more involved a student becomes, the more pride and spirit is felt by participants. Job Descriptions: Each position in the leadership class has a job description.

It is the goal to have a basic outline of what is expected of each member and the position they hold in the class.

'Everyone loves each other'

It is also valuable in evaluating the student on their job. Equally important is the fact that students look at the job descriptions to determine a position they would like to apply for in the year to follow. K King Candidates: The student body each fall votes for their favorite top five male senior students that they would like to represent the school in the Homecoming event.

From there the candidates give a speech, create a lip sync, participate in a parade and coronation within the week working to gain the vote to be the Homecoming King. L Link Crew Leaders : Part of the job of the Activities Director is to organize a group of students on campus that are the welcome committee at the start of the year for new students and incoming freshmen.

These students are juniors and seniors only due to the knowledge, experience, and maturity they possess to help the younger students on campus. Link leaders have a group of students they are responsible for during the year checking in periodically making sure they are adjusting well to the changes of high school versus elementary school. M March Madness: Each year we celebrate the excitement of march madness by having a dodgeball tournament during the lunch period. Students create teams and participate in the lunch time activity working to make it to the championship game and earn the title of best team.

Within this week, Friday is a spirit dress up day representing fitness and activity. Magic Mornings : A new event created in school year, leadership students were given a week to create a special give away to the student body each Friday. There was no requirement, rather is was a way to just be kind and give something simple to the student body.

Some students got extra creative and linked their week in with a spirit event that was already occurring in that particular week. Another goal with this event was to improve the human to human interaction amongst peers that are solely driven by cellphones and social media.

It is tentative as to whether this event will continue in the future or perhaps evolve with a different structure of application. Home Leadership. Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins.


Our Team We value each member of staff at ABC Private School, as each member plays an integral role in the efficient running of the school. Pillars of ABC. Dalid Abou Emad. Anna Denton. David Mills. John Ainsley.