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15 Jahre lang verschwieg Saliya Kahawatte, dass er nur noch zu 5 Prozent sehen kann. Wie und warum er das tat, erzählt er in diesem Buch. Mit 15 Jahren .
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Sort order. Jul 27, Belinda rated it liked it Shelves: gelezen-in , waargebeurd. Helaas, wat jammer. Een aantal keren heeft het echt mijn aandacht verloren. Vandaar ook de drie sterren.

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Ik moest echt mijzelf min om meer dwingen bepaalde passages te lezen. Vanzelf kwam het systeem eerste regel, middelste regel en laatste regel van een bladzijde. Er zijn ook interessante stukken die ik graag gelezen heb. Het verhaal is boeiend dat is niet het probleem. Het is hier en daar het oersaaie doorvertellen van dezelfde dingen die je wat onrustig maken en je op het oude systeem van Helaas, wat jammer. Het is hier en daar het oersaaie doorvertellen van dezelfde dingen die je wat onrustig maken en je op het oude systeem van eerste regel, middelste regel en laatste regel doen terugvallen.

Sabriye is een geweldig inspirerende vrouw daar ligt het zeker niet aan. Sabriye is zelf blind en richtte een blinde school in Tibet op.

Via een reis door Tibet ontmoette zij haar leerlingen. Dit boek combineert haar verhaal om als blinde door het leven te gaan en haar reis door Tibet en de blindenschool die ze daar oprichtte. Zij ontving meerdere prijzen waaronder de Moeder Theresa award. Een stoere chick deze Sabriye. Rijd op de rug van een paard op ruig bergterrein en ziet zelf niets! Struikelblokken genoeg op haar reis maar met geduld en humor weet ze alle problemen de baas. Niet dat ze zich zo nu en dan niet opgelaten voelt of groen en geel ergert maar ze probeert het gewoon op te lossen en alles te accepteren zoals het komt.

De uitleg van het omzetten van het Tibertaanse alfabet naar Braille is een van de onderdelen die de vaart uit het verhaal halen. Apr 05, Mom rated it it was ok. An impressive young woman, at the age of 26 Sabriye Tenberken moved to Tibet to found a school for the blind where she taught the Braille alphabet she had invented. This book records her experiences as a blind woman traveling on horseback to track down blind children in remote villages, starting her school in spite of the challenges of fund-raising, unhelpful bureaucracies, intense weather and a culture that saw the blind as cursed.

I was impressed with her determination, courage and An impressive young woman, at the age of 26 Sabriye Tenberken moved to Tibet to found a school for the blind where she taught the Braille alphabet she had invented. I was impressed with her determination, courage and persistence. Through the book I learned a great deal about Tibetan culture foreigners are not welcomed into Tibetan homes, although the culture is very welcoming otherwise; they drink a lot of hot salted butter tea and about blindness.

I especially appreciated her discussion of why the blind do not live in a world of "dark. Tenberken would have benefitted from a co-writer to more appealingly share her story. But much more disappointing was Tenberken's tone: she was often highly critical of other people, so often that I had to think many of her problems were of her own making. She also was inconsistent in her expectations, at times complaining when sighted people "condescended" by offering to help her and then at other times complaining that help was not offered when she wanted it. So, all-in-all, an inspiring book and filled with information about Tibet, but disappointing in the quality of the writing and in some of the characteristics of the author.

I feel bad giving only two stars to a book by such an incredible woman -- but of course I'm rating the book, not the person.

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Mar 19, Paulien rated it it was amazing. Nov 06, Jen rated it really liked it. Love this book - very engaging, and very inspiring. Makes you think about what one determined and motivated individual can do-highly recommended. Amazing story I chose this book because I like to read about true adventures of real people in different countries.

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What a special woman Sabriye is. I am so glad she shared her story. I am also so happy she was so successful in taking care of those poor misjudged blind children. Mar 29, Christopher Lawson rated it it was amazing. At a young age, the author, at the time a college student, decides to go to Tibet. Against all advice, she goes completely on her own. Of course, there's one big complication--she can't see at all! Not to worry, she tells herself. In the past, whenever she needed assistance, she found that some kind soul would see her white cane, and offer assistance. In China, however, the people don't know what a white cane is--they think it's some kind of walking stick!

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Many of the people who see her think At a young age, the author, at the time a college student, decides to go to Tibet. Many of the people who see her think she's some dimwit, who doesn't know how to avoid water puddles, or how to do simple navigation. The author developed R. P Retinitis Pigmentosa at a very young age.

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Here's the key to the story: Instead of feeling sorry for herself, Sabriye decides to go where no one has gone before. She is intent on helping the poor blind children in Tibet--and no one is going to stop her! And so, that is exactly what the author did. She didn't listen to all the naysayers and doubters. Overcoming a huge amount of obstacles the author establishes a home for blind children in Tibet.

This book relates the adventures that the author encounters on this mind-boggling trip to bring braille to the little blind children. In Tibet, blind children were seen as either a curse, or a way to make money for the family by begging. Many of the blind kids were simply cast aside. The author's journey sometimes meant riding horses near cliffs, sleeping in huts filled with rats, or having her visa canceled. Even her sponsoring organization was not faithful in supporting her, and saw Sabriye as more of a troublemaker than anything else.

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