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L'Espagne contre Napoléon: la guerre d'indépendance espagnole, [ Jean-René Edition/Format: Print book: FrenchView all editions and formats.
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XLII, pp. LI, pp. Guizot, Essai sur l'histoire et l'etat actuel de? Schmidt, La Reforme de 1' Universite imperiale Paris, Lefebvre, Histoire des cabinets de l'Europe pendant le consulat et l'empire 3 vols. In November Desmoulins began his career as a journalist by the issue of the first number of a weekly publication, Les Revolutions de France et de Brabant.

His Histoire naturelle, generale et particuliere, was begun in , and in he brought out, with the assistance of Guenau de Montbeillard, 3 the first volume of his gr eat Histoire naturelle des oiseaux. But in Gerard Blasius had brought out at Amsterdam an Anatome Animalium, containing the results of all the diss ecti ons of animals that he could find; and the second part of this book, tr eati ng of Volatilia, makes a resp ecta ble show of mor e th an one hundred and tw enty closely-printed quarto pages, though nearly two-thirds is devoted to a tr eati se De Ovo et Pullo, containing among other things a reprint of Harvey's researches, and the sci enti fic rank of the whole book may be inferred from bats being still classed with birds.

Between and Le Vaillant also published in just the same styl e tw o volumes with th e ti tle of Histoire naturelle des oiseaux de Paradis et des rolliers, suivie de celle des toucans et des barbus, an assemblage of forms, which, miscellaneous as it is,. The first volume contains the " Colibris, Oiseaux-mouches, Jacamars et Promerops," the second the " Grimpereaux " and " Oiseaux de Paradis " - associations which set all the laws of systematic method at defiance.

A C entu ry of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains was followed by Th e Te mminck subsequ entl y reproduced, with many additions, th e te xt of this volume in his Histoire naturelle des pigeons et des gallinacees, published at Amsterdam in , in 3 vols. Of a very differ ent kind is the n ext we hav e to notice, the Prodromus systematis mammalium et avium of Illiger, published at Berlin in , which must in its day have been a valuable little manual, and on many points it may now be consulted to advantage - the characters of the genera being admirably given, and good explanatory lists of th e te chnical terms of ornithology furnished.

Abich Sur la structure et la geologic du Dagh esta n, , the successive folds of Jurassic lim esto nes and slates, all nearly parallel to the Caucasus, which form lofty, narrow plateaus. Three of Pithou's brothers acquired distinction as jurists: Jean , author of Traite de police et du gouvernem ent des republiques, and, in collaboration with his twin brother Nicolas , of Institution du mariage chretien; and Franccois , author of Glossarium ad libros capitularium , Traite de?

His Essais en vers et en prose contains the Marseillaise, a pros e ta le of the s enti m enta l kind called Adelaide et Monville, and some occasional poems.

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But we know, from the undoubtedly genuine Acta SS Justini et sociorum, that Justin suffered the d eath of a martyr under the pref ect Rusticus between and Wilson, Ohio New York, , and a gr eat mass of material on this subj ect is contained in the publications of the Geological Survey of Ohio et seq. For his work in connexion with gunpowder, the inv enti on of which has been claimed for him on the ground of a passage in his De mirabili pot esta te antis et naturae, see Gunpowder.

Spon brought back many valuabl e tr easures, coins, inscriptions and manuscripts, and in later years published various important works on archaeology, notably his Voyage d'Italie, de Dalmatie, de Grece et du Levant , and a Histoire de la republique de Geneve His chief works are: De conjunctione animae et corporis humani; Exercitationes c entu m de cognitione Dei nostri; Logica vetus et nova; Initiatio philosophi, seu Dubitatio Cartesiana; a comm enta ry on Descartes' Meditations; and Ars etymologica T euto num. Oberlin published several manuals on archaeology and anci ent geography, and made frequ ent excursions into differ ent provinces of Franc e to inv esti gate antiquarian remains and study provincial dial ects , the result appearing in Essai sur le patois Lorrain ; Diss erta tions sur les Minnesingers ; and Observations concernant le patois et les mceurs des gens de la campagne The earli est work of Orosius, Consultatio sive commonitorium ad Augustinum de errore Priscillianistarum et Origenistarum, explains its obj ect by its title; it was written soon after his arrival in Africa, and is usually printed in the works of Augustine along with the reply of the latter, Contra Priscillianistas et Origenistas liber [ad Orosium.

Against the common view that miracles can att est th e tr uth of a divine revelation Gerhard maintained that " per miracula non possunt probari oracula "; and Hopfner returns to the qualified position of Augustine when he describes them as praeter et supra naturae ordinem.

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Such an absolute continuity is sometimes assumed without warrant; but Descartes already recognized that the world was no continuous process, " Tria mirabilia fecit Dominus; res ex nihilo, liberum arbitrium et hominem Deum. See D'Arbois de Jubainville, Les Druides et les dieux c elti ques a forme d'animaux Paris, , and Introduction a l' e'tu de de la litterature c elti que Paris, ; P.

The fact is that until the 13th c entu ry the Franks lived consuetudinibus antiquis et jure non scripto. It is a chapter very difficult to write, for while on the one hand an ingenious and speculative historian may refer to the influence of the Crusades almost everything which was thought or done between r too and , a cautious writer who seeks to find Brehier, L'Eglise et l'Ori ent, p.

Brehier's L'Eglise et l'ori ent au moyen age Paris, contains not only an up-to-date account of the Crusades, but also a full and useful bibliography, which should be consulted for fuller information. He is the author of La Contre-guerilla franraise au Mexique ; L'Elevation et la chute de l'empereur Maximilien ; Le Quatre-s epte mbre et le gouvernem ent de la defense nationale ; Mourad V. Fen este lla De magistratibus et sacerdotiis Romanorum, is really by A. Thus, in th e tr eati se known as Physica et Mystica and falsely ascribed to Democritus such false attributions are a constant f eatu re of the literature of alchemy , various receipts are given for colouring and gilding metals, but the conc epti on of transmutation does not occur.

Thus the pseudo-Democritus, who was reputed the author of the Physica et Mystica, which itself concludes each of its receipts with a magical formula, was believed to hav e tr avelled in Chaldaea, and to have had as his master Ostanes l the Mede, a name m enti oned several times in the Leiden papyrus, and often by early Christian writers such as T ertu llian, St Cyprian and St Augustine. B erth elot, Les Origines de l'alchimie ; Coll ecti on des anciens alchimistes grecs t ext and translation, 3 vols.

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Michel Levy Mineralogie micrographique, Roches eruptives francaises 2 vols. Our knowledge of Lanfranc's polemics is chiefly derived from th e tr act De cor pore et sanguine Domini which he wrote many years later after when Berengar had been finally condemned. His gr eat work was th e Th eologia moralis et dogmatica, a compendium in catechetical form of Roman Catholic doctrine and ethics which has been much used as a stud ents ' t ext- book. Courtault's Marguerite de Navarre The visit of the French physician Jacques Spon and the Englishman, Sir George Wheler or Wheeler , fortunately took place befor e th e catastrophe of the Parthenon in ; Spon's Voyage d'Italie, de Dalmatie, de Grece et du Levant, which contained the first sci enti fic description of the ruins of Athens, appeared in ; Wheler's Journey into Greece, in The French Ecole d'Athenes, founded in , is under the sci enti fic dir ecti on of the Academie des Inscriptions et Bellesl ettr es.

Napoleon, Signed

The earlier t ext, of which five short fragm ents have come down to us, is known as the Pactus Alamannorum, and from the persist ent recurrence of the expression "et sic convenit" was most probably drawn up by an official commission. Lavy, L'Ouvre de Millerand ; his speeches between and were published in as Travail et travailleurs. It is from John Mair's Historia Majoris Britannia e ta m Angliae quam Scotiae, which appeared in "Circa haec tempora [Ricardi Primi], ut auguror, Rob ertu s Hudus Anglus et Parvus Joannes latrones famatissimi in nemoribus latuerunt, solum opul ento rum virorum bona deripi ente s.

The following year, the qu esti on of the interv enti on of kings in the el ecti on of bishops having been raised in a pamphlet by Charles Hers ent Optatus Gallus de cavendo schismate, , Marca defended what wer e th en called the lib erti es of the Gallican Church, in his celebrated tr eati se De concordia sacerdotii et imperii, seu de lib erta tibus ecclesiae gallicanae Marca's biography was written in Latin by two of his intimate friends, Etienne Baluze, his secretary Epistola ad Samuelem Sorbierium, de vita, g esti s et scriptis Petri de Marca, Paris, , and his cousin, Paul de Faget at the beginning of a coll ecti on of Marca's theological pamphlets, first published by Paul de Faget in Mall ett, Histoire de l'ecole de Megare et des ecoles d'Elis et d'Eretrie Nicole et Jacques Necker He wrote a Notice historique sur la vie et les ouvrages du comte de Lanjuinais, which was prefixed to an edition of his father's Ouvres 4 vols.

Herrlich, De Aerario et Fisco Romanorum Berlin, ; and the usual handbooks and dictionaries of antiquities. In this capacity he did very useful work, and after the R esto ration continued in this post at the requ est of the duc de Richelieu, his work being recognized by his el ecti on as a member of the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-L ettr es in Torbern Olof Bergman used an elaborate system in his Opuscula physica et chemica ; the 1 Dalton's atomic theory is tr eate d in more detail in the article Atom.

In France, the most important journals ar e th e Annales de chimie et de physique, founded in with th e ti tle Annales de chimie, and the Comptes rendus, published weekly by the Academie francaise since Adhemar's life was mainly sp ent in writing and transcribing chronicles, and his principal work is a history enti tled Chronicon Aquitanicum et Francicum or Historia Francorum.

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Martialis apostoli and Epistola ad f ordanum Lemovicensem episcopum et alios de apostolatu S. Castaigne, Diss erta tion sur le lieu de naissance et sur la famille du chroniqueur Ademar, moine de l'abbaye de St Cybard d'Angouleme Angouleme, Then, from July to October, he was in Paris superintending the publication of his first work: Cadastre perpetuel, dedie a l'assemblee nationale, l'an et le premier de la lib erte francaise, which was written in and issued in He was continually employed on diplomatic errands until , when, owing appar entl y to ill-health, he received apartm ents in the palace of the counts of Hainaut at Salle-le-Comte, Valenciennes, with a con siderable pension, on condition that the recipi ent should put in writing "choses nouvelles et morales," and a chronicle of notable ev ents.

Pope Zachary, when in he condemned the views of Virgilius, the learned bishop of Salzburg, an Irishman who had been denounced as a heretic by St Boniface, declares it to be perversa et iniqua doctrina.

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Briggs, The Messiah of the Apostles, p. He published in a tr eati se in two volumes on La Lumiere, ses causes et ses effets. Antoine Henri Becquerel , son of the lastnamed, who succeeded to his chair at the Musee d'Histoire Naturelle in , was born in Paris on the 15th of December , studied at the Ecole Polytechnique, where he was appointed a professor in , and in ente red the departm ent des posts et chaussees, of which in he became chef.

Laloy, Aristoxene d e Ta r ente et la musique del'antiquiti Paris, After fresh trouble with the clergy, he returned to Paris and published a defence of his theories in a work enti tled Ides sur la politique de Platon et d'Aristole. The works of this period are Les Philosophes Salaries, Machiavel juge des revolutions de notr e te mps , La Federazione repubblicana , La Filosofia della rivoluzione , L' Italia dopo it colpo di Stato , Histoire des revolutions, ou Guelfes et Gibelins ; Italian trans.

Amongst other works may be m enti oned Histoire de la raison d'etat, La China et l'Europa, Corso d'istoria degli scrittori politici italiani. Its systematic effort is, in his own words, " pro lib erta te, quam et fovere et tueri Romanis legibus et praecipue nostro numini peculiare est. Tourmagne, enti tled resp ecti vely Histoire de l'esclavage ancien et moderne and Histoire du servage ancien et moderne , which bring together many facts relating to slavery and serfdom; but they are somewhat loose and uncritical; the author, too, rep eats himself much, and dwells on many topics scarcely if at all conn ecte d with his main themes; see also H.

Of the many prophetic and polemical works that were attributed to Joachim in the 13th and following c entu ries, only those enumerated in his will can be regarded as absolutely auth enti c. These ar e th e Concordia novi et veteris T esta m enti first printed at Venice in , the Expositio in Apocalypsin Venice, , the Psalterium decem chordarum Venice, , together with some "libelli" against the Jews or the adversaries of the Christian faith. For the members of large genera, e.

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Kauffmann, and in the large new Dictionnaire d'archeologie chretienne et liturgie, published at Paris under the editorship of Dom F. The Histoire de la Louisiane, et de la cession de colonie par la France aux EtatsUnis Paris, ; in English, Philadelphia, by Barbe-Marbois has gr eat importance in diplomatic history. Poey et al. Hantzsch Ann. Peter Fullo introduced these words into th e Tr ishagion, and after much controversy the council of Constantinople , while disallowing this, gave its sanction to the similar statem ent- unum crucifixum esse ex sancta et consubstantiali Trinitate.

Extr aits des manuscrits de la bibliotheque royale de Hanovre, by Louis Couturat Paris, , especially pp. Poincare, La Science et l'hypothese Paris, 1st ed. Capus, A travers la Bosnie et l'Herzegovine Paris, contains a detailed and fully illustrated account of the combined provinces, their resources and population. Farlatus and others, Illyricum Sacrum Venice, ; C. As the diplomatic crisis approached, spies were s ent into Prussia, and simultaneously with the orders for preliminary conc entr ation the marshals received private instructions, the pith of which cannot be b ette r expressed than in the following two quotations from Napoleon's correspondence: " Mon int enti on est de conc entr er toutes mes forces sur l' extr emite de ma droite en laissant tout l'espace entr e le Rhin et Bamberg enti erem ent degarni, de maniere a avoir pres de , hommes reunis sur un meme champ de bataille; mes premieres marches menac ent le coeur de la monarchie prussienne " No.

All the operations conn ecte d with the successive invasion schemes are recorded, with exhaustive quotations of docum enta ry evidence, in Projets et t enta tives de debarquem ent aux Iles Britanniques, by Captain Desbriere Paris, The national cast of his genius and temper was shown by his deviating from his Greek originals, and producing at least two specimens of the fabula praet exta national drama one founded on the childhood of Romulus and Remus Lupus or Alimonium Romuli et Remi , the other called Clastidium, which celebrated the victory of M. Ducom, La Commune d'Agen: essay sur son histoire et son organisation depuis son origine jusqu'au traite de Bretigny He was not depressed by this misfortune, especially as he was at th e ti me closely engaged in the preparation of the Historical and Critical Dictionary Dictionnaire historique et critique.

Aulard, Recueil des actes du comite de Salut Public avec la correspondance olicielle des repres enta nts en mission, et le registre du conseil executif provisoire Paris, et seq. His attitude about this tim e to life and experience is refl ecte d in Pulvis et umbra, one of the nobl est of all his essays. On th e Ta bula P euti ngeriana appear the "Chamavi qui et Pranci," which should doubtless read " qui et Franci "; these Chamavi appar entl y dw elt between the Yssel and the Ems. Later, we find them a little farther south, on the banks of the Rhine, in the district called Hamalant, and it is their customs which were brought together in the 9th c entu ry in the docum ent known as the Lex Francorum Chamavorum.

The earli est m enti on in history of the name Franks is the entr y on th e Ta bula P euti ngeriana, at least if we assum e th at th e te rm " et Franci " is not a later emendation.