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For reservations call () oLAR Baltimore. © of Love & Regret. HOME · DINNER · BRUNCH · SPECIALS · BAR · BEER · WINE · COCKTAILS.
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If you like Cold Showers, you may also like:. This album is one of the best I've heard in over 10 years. Thank you for your wonderful music.

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Hauntingly beautiful, romantic and darkly poetic. A perfect soundtrack to any artistic activity.

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Art Noir. An epitome of dark post-punk that continues to light the fire that made the 's so great.

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Really digging this record tenfold. Ae Maeth by Reduction Plan. The goth group head into heavier, more distorted territory on their latest, inspired by the folklore of the golem.

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In Search of the Miraculous by Desperate Journalist. The U. Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 22, Providence by Single Lash. Expansive shoegaze with a strong sense of grandeur and drama, new on Holodeck. Explore music. Love and Regret by Cold Showers.

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David Catalano. Nowhere Now Records.

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Francisco Orozco. Lars Johansson. Mikkel B.

Yoann Lavallee. Ryan Anding. Benjamin Moore. Jeremy Bauman.

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After successfully operating one of the best beer bars in the world while living in Maine, Ryan became friends with Brian Strumke, brewer and owner of Stillwater Artisanal Ales. The two immediately hit it off and began to plan for a Stillwater bar in their home town of Baltimore. We run with that as something that's different, more eclectic and offers the different side of the picture. Travers explained the earlier days and the struggles of getting recognition in a town known more for 'Bohs' than any other beers, "When we first opened up I don't think the city was quite ready for this, but as the culture has grown in Baltimore it allowed us to grow too.

I think a lot of what we do is still misunderstood.

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That misunderstanding may come from the ever changing and eclectic menu which presents a unique challenge to many patrons. That challenge is almost described as a burden of love when Ryan says, "If they are ready for it we want to be the leaders and showcase how it can be done in the most fundamental sense. And OLAR followed suite with the city's growth. The addition of a geeky wine list and spirits from some of the most remarkable producers around the world gave way to the eight page libation bible that is their current menu. One cocktail embodies the straightforwardness of using fresh and superior products.

The house cocktail is currently referred to as 'the artist formerly known as', but long time OLAR fans will tell you this is really called the 'dirty smirk'. The beauty is in its creativity and simplicity as it features just gin, elderflower liquor, lime and is shaken with an egg white.

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Garnished with zest and fresh cracked pepper the concoction is as easy to drink as it is on the eyes. Travers analogy explained much of his commitment to the more obscure high quality spirits. Ryan put in plain words how he tries to stay true to the products that offer more than just a high price tag for a lesser quality. It's coming from the heart. If it was just about making money, we would have the bourbons and the big IPAs, but we want to do more than that.

Without your everyday beers Ryan often finds himself walking a tough line between providing entertainment versus education. Some people want to know and some people don't. As we delved into the question more, an interesting suggestion as to why he refuses to refer to himself as a 'mixologist' came about. Ryan Travers' answer is to keep it simple and true to its roots.

From the vineyard to the pristine clean glass, to the job itself; keep it simple.

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  • The camaraderie is great. He's one of the great social theorists who brought eastern philosophy to the west in the 60's. He brought ideas of self-awareness without the ties to religion.