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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. ANDREW MURRAY () was born in South Africa The Indwelling Spirit: The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer - Kindle edition by Andrew Murray. Download it once and read it on.
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Spiritual gifts are of the Lord, and spiritual gifts are for the Lord. In using our gifts, we need to recognize that it is the Holy Spirit who gives us these gifts, and He is the One who works through us for exercising and empowering those gifts. At the same time, He energizes us as we engage our spiritual gifts. So, in using our spiritual gift s through the power of the Holy Spirit, we often find ourselves feeling rested, rather than worn down.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

For the Spirit of God gives uplifting, supernatural rest. At the moment of salvation, we are made righteous in Christ. What then does it mean to pursue righteousness, since we have already been made righteous? We are made righteous in who we are in Christ, but we need to pursue righteousness in how we think and how we act.

That is another helping work of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual discernment is not your conscience. But the conscience is still part of the carnal flesh so, while our conscience is purposed for good, it can be deceived and seared into erroneous beliefs or into accepting ungodly behavior. Fleshly desires and secular influences can be powerful, and those forces can infiltrate and contaminate our guiding conscience. But spiritual discernment is given in revelation through the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is always in agreement with the Lord.

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He always glorifies Christ, and He always upholds truth. We were never meant to.

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That mind of Christ is of the indwelling Spirit of Christ. Click here to continue with lesson 2 of this study:. Read more inspirational quotes. Please follow and like us:. Like this: Like Loading Share on email.

The Indwelling Spirit: The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Believer

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Get our updates straight to your inbox. When we consider how the Holy Spirit is God, how He is one of the Triune God, how He is the life of the Father and the Son, and then further consider His honor and how He indwells us, who are fleshly, we will surely fear, honor, and praise Him. The Lord Jesus took the likeness of sinful flesh, and the Holy Spirit dwells inside the likeness of sinful flesh. What grace this is! The strengthening of the Holy Spirit is needed for the spirit of man to control the soul and body of man and to be the channel of the Holy Spirit flowing out life to the multitudes.

Ephesians says, "That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit into the inner man. If it were not so important, the apostle surely would not have prayed in this manner. Therefore, this is the spirit of the believer, the regenerated spirit. The prayer of the apostle is for the spirit of the believer to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit so that it can become strong.

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This verse tells us that some believers have weak spirits, while others have strong spirits. The believers at Ephesus had long been sealed with the Holy Spirit Eph. Therefore, what the apostle prayed for on their behalf surely must have been a gift other than the Holy Spirit dwelling in them. A believer may have the Holy Spirit dwelling in his spirit and still have a weak spirit.

A believer must realize the weakness of his own spirit. Then he will pray for the Holy Spirit to fill his spirit with power; being filled with power in the spirit is the need of the believer. Many times the body of a believer is in excellent condition, but he feels a little lazy.

Does the Holy Spirit Live in You?

At such times, working for the Lord seems unbearable, and his heart is most unwilling. This shows that his spirit is weak and unable to control the emotion. Sometimes the believer may feel very excited, but his body is a little lazy. At such times, laboring for the Lord also seems impossible.

In the garden of Gethsemane, the disciples indeed had this kind of experience. What was the reason for this?

Holy Spirit in the Believer p1/5 - Pastor Chuck Smith - Topical Bible Study

It was because "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" Matt. To be willing in the spirit is not enough; the spirit must also be strong. When the spirit is strong, it can overcome the weakness of the flesh.

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Sometimes when a believer is preaching and working on someone, it seems as though he is unable to do anything and has no way to manage him. If the situation were the opposite, when the believer could not save him, it would not be due to a lack of power but because that person did not want to be saved. This is also the case in regards to the environment.